Glam Polish | The Lost Princess Collection

When I got asked to swatch the whole collection for this launch, I got super excited. I adore Glam, just like I adore every brand I get PR/swatch for, so being able to do a full collection for them this time just made me happy. Plus! It’s a collection based off Tangled, which I love so much. It’s a collection full of nine fun crellies and a gorgeous holo based one that all have amazing formulas, no trouble working with any of them or getting the goodies out/to spread evenly — getting that out of the way so I’m not too redundant lol.

So, lets get into my first blog of 2021!


Description: A teal crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and ultra holo glitter
Coats: Two coats
Thoughts: This base color is stunning and the way the flakies glow against it sort of makes me feel like I’m looking at rocks glittering under water. I love it. Then you got the extra holo sparkle too? Beautiful.


Description: A bright green crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and neon pink glitter mix
Coats: Two coats
Thoughts: When I saw this one, I instantly fell in love. I love my green polishes. And this one is so fun and bright! AND I got it opaque in two coats! I think the glitters and flakies really helped get it to that opacity and I’m not complaining. This is one of my top faves of the collection!

Your Birthday Was Last Year

Description: A light blue crelly with neon glitter mix and gold flakies
Coats: Three coats
Thoughts: This is one of the softer colors of the collection and I think it’s beautiful. It gives me all the princess vibes. The pink glitters do almost make the base color look more purple when they’re layered up like this but I see no issue with that lol. The gold flakies look so good in this combo too.

Alright, Blondie

Description: A lilac crelly with shifting iridescent flakies and gold flakies
Coats: Two coats
Thoughts: Now this one is probably my top fave because I think it captures Rapunzel so perfectly. The base color and the flakies just represent her so so well. If you can only pick up one polish from this collection, and love Tangled/Rapunzel, this is the one I highly recommend. It’s stunning.

I’m So Glad I Left My Tower

Description: A holo base with fuchsia flakies and gold flakies
Coats: Three coats
Thoughts: This one just makes me think of royalty! It’s so holo and sparkly and those flakies are just gorgeous against the holo base. I don’t usually enjoy gold but I adore this one. Making me feel all royal lol.

Oh, Great. Now I’m The Bad Guy

Description: A berry crelly with gold flakies and black glitter mix
Coats: Two coats
Thoughts: This is the second berry crelly I now have from Glam and I can’t get over how much I love this base color! This one was actually almost a one coater, as well! I love, love, love the black glitters with the gold flakies. It gives it that bit of darkness to make it seem like a villainous polish, which just makes me love it more.

A Little Adventure, A Little Rebellion

Description: A white crelly with neon and metallic glitter mix
Coats: Three coats
Thoughts: This is the kind of white crelly that I love, no matter how many I get, I will always love white crellies with tons of colorful glitter in them lol. What I love the most about this one is that there are metallic glitters as well and it just gives it an even more fun vibe. Which, I think, works so well with the name. It’s just so fun, I love it!

At Last I See The Light

Description: An indigo crelly with fuchsia flakies and gold flakies
Coats: Two coats
Thoughts: Another one that gives me all the royalty vibes! What I love about indigo is how in different lighting/angles it looks more purple or more blue. Now, the flakies are what really sells this one for me. And what gives it that royal goodness. It’s just stunning.

Flower, Gleam And Glow

Description: A bright yellow crelly with neon and metallic glitter mix
Coats: Three coats
Thoughts: Yet again, Glam gave me another yellow polish to love! Honestly, this one is giving me punk feels? Which is weird, cause I don’t think I’ve ever associated the color yellow with punk before lol. It’s those glitters! They just look so good against that yellow. The black and purple giving it a bit of darkness. Which is what I think makes it feel punk to me lol.

I’ve Got A Dream

Description: A white crelly with shifting metallic and iridescent flakies
Coats: Two coats
Thoughts: Yet another royal feeling polish. I was honestly surprised I got this one opaque in two coats, white crellies usually need three for me. I give credit to all the flakies! I love how there are metallic and iridescent ones, giving you so much different shifty goodness! Stunning!

More info!

This collection will be available on January 8th at 2 PM EST US time on the Glam Polish site. Now onto the deals! Glam will be having a promo, that I also have to share with you! Promo: For the first 72 hours save 5% off all individual shades in store with code TANGLED5 or 10% off all full collections in store with code TANGLED10.

Glam Polish links!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram, Facebook, as well as my YouTube – where there are more photos and live swatches of the polishes!

I hope you enjoyed this post and these stunning polishes! Are you planning on picking up any of these beauties? Which was your favorite? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

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