Glam Polish | Hollywood Heroines Collection

Glam sent me five polishes from their new collection to swatch and I'm so happy to be able to share them with you all! Even while sick and dealing with some personal things, polish still brightens my day. Especially ones based off some badass female characters! Cause who doesn't love badass women??? This is also… Continue reading Glam Polish | Hollywood Heroines Collection

November 2020 Polished Gamers Box | Diablo

It's PGB time! This is going up late cause life is just not the best rn -- for anyone, lets be real. But! It's still going up! I'm so happy to show four items from the Diablo box, that these lovely makers sent to me for swatches! Diablo is a newer love of mine, my… Continue reading November 2020 Polished Gamers Box | Diablo

1422 Designs | Makings Spirits Bright Trio

1422 sent me her beautiful holiday trio to swatch and I'm very excited to share them with you! Her inspiration for this trio is this: "All of these polishes were inspired by Dean Martin’s versions of these holiday songs.  I LOVE listening to Dean Martin during the holidays!" Every time I got polishes that have… Continue reading 1422 Designs | Makings Spirits Bright Trio

Glam Polish | Burton Collection

The Tim Burton lover in me is CRAZY excited to share five polishes from Glam's new collection! I grew up with his movies, still enjoy rewatching them all the time, and they hold a big piece of my heart. These polishes capture some great moments from some amazing movies. I don't even know what else… Continue reading Glam Polish | Burton Collection

The Indie Lab | October 2020 | Spooky Season

Back at it again with late posting. I'll get my health figured out at some point lol. Anyways! I'm super excited to share all of the polish items from October's The Indie Lab! This month's theme is Spooky Season, and of course that makes me even more excited! I love every single polish. For real.… Continue reading The Indie Lab | October 2020 | Spooky Season

October 2020 Polished Gamers Box | Pokemon

It's time for another PGB post! I'm so excited about this box in general. Pokemon has been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. The games, video and card, the show and movies, collecting Pokemon merch of any kind, pretending to be a trainer on adventures with my little brother,… Continue reading October 2020 Polished Gamers Box | Pokemon

LynB Designs | Spooky Myths and Legends Collection

I'm so excited about this collection and to be able to share my first time swatching for the wonderful LynB! She is such a lovely person and fantastic maker! So, when she asked if I'd like to swatch her spooky themed thermals, after I offered to when she was searching, I couldn't say yes fast… Continue reading LynB Designs | Spooky Myths and Legends Collection

The Charity Box | October 2020

I have two polishes from The Charity Box for October! This months theme is Comfy & Cozy. I love both polishes I received to swatch, way too much. And I have no regrets about it. The charity this month is Mental Health America, which is very important to me. Mental health is important. No matter… Continue reading The Charity Box | October 2020

BCB Lacquers | The Sanderson Sisters + October Birthstone

Yet another blog I wanted done way earlier. Again, these last two weeks haven't been the best. But! I'm still super excited to share these polishes from BCB Lacquers with you! I still remember how excited BCB was about making The Sanderson Sisters polishes, so when she asked if I wanted to swatch them I… Continue reading BCB Lacquers | The Sanderson Sisters + October Birthstone

Glam Polish | Halloween Horror Shop 2020

This blog is going up late, life is having a field day with me these last two weeks, but I'm still excited about it! It's pretty obvious, to those that know me or pay attention, that I adore Glam Polish. So, when I was asked to swatch a few of their Horror Shop polishes, I… Continue reading Glam Polish | Halloween Horror Shop 2020