October 2020 Polished Gamers Box | Pokemon

It’s time for another PGB post! I’m so excited about this box in general. Pokemon has been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. The games, video and card, the show and movies, collecting Pokemon merch of any kind, pretending to be a trainer on adventures with my little brother, etc. So, I’m VERY happy to be able to share my swatches of a few items this month! Everything this month is fantastic, for real fantastic, and I have five of those fantastic things to share! Lets get to those before I start talking more about my childhood lol.

1422 Designs – Get Ready to Rumble

Inspiration: Pokemon Rumble World logo
Description: A bright blue crelly with rainbow shifting flakies
Coats: Three
Price: $11.50
Cap: 35
Link: https://polishedgamersbox.com/products/1422-designs-get-ready-to-rumble
Thoughts: This one is just beautiful! I love me some sheer polishes and the flakies in here give it such depth. I love the base color, that mixed with the shift of the flakies gives off such fun, spring vibes. The formula is smooth, you get a bunch of flakies out easily and it builds up very nicely in three coats, I may even use this as a topper over a similar blue or even a darker shade of blue, that would be fun!

BCB Lacquers – Lava Plume

Inspiration: Flareon/Mega Flareon
Description: A deep fire red polish with flakies that shift from bright red, to deep oranges, to gold depending on the angle it is viewed
Coats: Three
Price: $12.50
Cap: 100
Link: https://polishedgamersbox.com/products/bcb-lacquers-lava-plume
Thoughts: I love me some Eeveelutions, okay? Flareon is my number three pick actually lol. This polish captures Flareon perfectly, in my opinion. It’s dark and fiery and just stunning. The formula is crazy smooth, you get enough flakies out to give each layer depth and they give you no trouble. This one is kinda perfect for this time of year too. All the dark, vampy colors please! But, seriously, this one is beautiful!

Geekish Glitter Lacquer – #132 Dad

Inspiration: Ditto and his many many children
Description: A lilac based crelly with black microglitter and black bar glitter
Coats: Two
Price: $9
Cap: 100
Link: https://polishedgamersbox.com/products/geekish-glitter-lacquer-132-dad
Thoughts: Ugh, GGL’s crelly formula is one of my faves. And Ditto! Listen. The name of this polish alone made me fall in love. Then the formula. And the bar glitters! I love me some bar glitters and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The formula is ridiculously smooth and you get a bunch of microglitter out and just enough bar glitter to not get overwhelmed. Plus, those glitter represent Dittos eyes and mouth! How fricken cute is that?! Just a perfect purple, Ditto crelly. Love it so much!

Rogue Lacquer – Mew Mew

Inspiration: The Pokémon Mew
Description: Delicate mauve scattered holo with aqua to purple shimmer and micro holo flakes
Coats: Two
Price: $12
Cap: None
Link: https://polishedgamersbox.com/products/rogue-lacquer-mew-mew
Thoughts: Meeeeew! I get heart eyes just thinking about that adorable little Psychic Pokemon. This polish captures Mew in a bottle. The base color is gorgeous and that shimmer/micro holo flakes make me think of Mew using a Psychic move and I just, ugh. It’s perfect! Another fantastic formula, super easy to work with. It practically glows because of the goodies in it. The shift of the shimmer is amazing. Just another to love from Rogue for me!

Swamp Gloss – Shut Yo Meowth

Inspiration: Meowth
Description: A linear holo, deep red base with aurora shimmer and micro holo flakes
Coats: Two
Price: $13
Cap: 80
Link: https://polishedgamersbox.com/products/swamp-gloss-shut-yo-meowth
Thoughts: If you don’t like or relate to Meowth in some way, specifically Jessie and James’ Meowth, then I don’t know you lol. Just kidding! This polish though! I love that it’s a linear holo with an aurora shimmer, it gives it so much glow! Then the flakes give it even more holo goodness! And that deep red base? Yes. I will admit that my brush was a little wonky but that didn’t effect the formula at all! It was still super easy to apply and built up so well in two coats!

More info!

October’s Polished Gamers box will run from the 15th through the 20th, as it does every month. Preorder opens at 11:00AM PST / 12:00PM MST / 1:00PM CST / 2:00PM EST. There is a flat rate of $4 for shipping within the US and international shipping will be calculated at checkout! Shipping can be combined/refunded if you end up going back for more than one order. Turnaround time for shipping will be within 2-4 weeks after the preorder ends on the 20th. **Please remember that it may take a little longer due to the state of the world right now.** You do not have to purchase every item, unless you want to, but some items do have caps so you’ll have to get those ninja fingers ready!

Polished Gamers Box links!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram, Facebook, as well as my YouTube – where there are more photos and live swatches of the polishes!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Are you planning on picking up any of these fun products or anything else from this months Polished Gamers Box? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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