September 2020 Polished Gamers Box | Kingdom Hearts

I’m running behind on so many things in life, right now, cause life decided to throw some things at me in personal life. It threw me off my game. But! I’m back and ready to share five items from this month’s Polished Gamers Box with you all! This month’s theme is Kingdom Hearts! I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts in a looooong time but it was always a blast when I did and I know the amount of love these games get. So, if you’re not only a polish fan, but a KH fan, you’re gonna love this box! So many amazing items! And I’m happy I get to share five of them with you!

Swamp Gloss – Donald Fizz

Inspiration: A Donald Fizz Ice Cream Treat
Description: A fruity, fizzy Donald blend. Notes of raspberries, papaya, grapefruit with a hint of violet petals and fizz!
Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, beeswax, rosehip seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin e), flavor oil, sweetener
Price: $4
Cap: 35
Thoughts: I was already in love with Swamp Gloss’ lip balms before I got this one! But! If I hadn’t been before, I would have been afterwards! This lip balm feels so so good on the lips. It’s moisturizing, it’s not sticky, it smells and tastes divine (don’t eat it though!). I don’t think I could ever go back to any other lip balms now, to be honest. And the “fizz” of it all??? I don’t know how she did it but she did! It doesn’t fizz or bubble on the lips or anything like that but you can smell the fizz! It’s amazing lol. I’m obsessed.

Rogue Lacquer – King Mickey

Inspiration: Mickey Mouse from Kingdom hearts! He is the king who holds the key!
Description: A black crelly with crushed gold metallic micro flakes, micro ruby red flakes and icy blue shimmer
Coats: Three coats
Price: $12
Cap: None
Thoughts: This polish is amazing. The formula is crazy smooth. You get a ton of flakes out. I did three coats, but if I used thicker coats I could have easily gotten away with two. I love how the flakes and shimmer work so well together. That shimmer hides in some lighting, which makes it a fun reminder that it’s there when in most lighting. I just adore this one. It really does give me Disney/Mickey vibes.

1422 Designs – Search Every Crook & Nanny!

Inspiration: Doc
Description: A green, slightly metallic polish with matte glitters of yellow, blue, and pink that are black light reflective, and gun-metal micro flakies.
Coats: Two coats
Price: $10.50
Cap: 35
Thoughts: Green! I try not to be biased towards green polishes but they all hold a place in my heart lol. This one is no exception! I love the metallic look with those glitters. I wish I had a black light to use to see how they popped against it that way. Speaking of glitters, you don’t have to fight to get them on the nail. The formula is very smooth. I could have probably got this to be a one coater if I did a thicker coat! It’s just shiny and bright and I love it.

Saki Lacquer – Happy-go-Lucky

Inspiration: Olette
Description: A medium orange polish with gold flakes & teal glitters.
Coats: Two coats
Price: $11
Cap: 50
Thoughts: This polish took me by surprise, not gonna lie. I liked it in the bottle but once it was on my nails? Instant fave! The orange base is just a perfect shade of orange. The gold flakes and teal glitters look amazing against it and together. No fighting to get these on the nail, either! The formula is smooth and easy to work with. Just two coats and it gets so much depth from the layers of goodies! So much in love with this polish!

Geekish Glitter Lacquer – End of the World

Inspiration: End of the World map which is the final world in Kingdom Hearts, this is the culmination of Heartless’ destructive nature.
Description: A slightly tinted purple base with a pastel shifting pigment that shifts from lilac-blue-gold and pink-gold-green UCC flakies
Coats: Three coats
Price: $11
Cap: 60
Thoughts: This. Polish. The amount of love I have for this is unreal. It is stunning! The way the shifty pigment makes the base color look like it’s glowing is what got me! Even in low lighting you can see the inner glow. And the flakies just give it that extra punch! The formula is super smooth, giving you a decent amount of flakies each coat. I could have gotten away with two but wanted more flakies! I can tell you, with full confidence, my mom is gonna want this on her nails as soon as she sees it lol.

More info!

September’s Polished Gamers box will run from the 15th through the 20th, as it does every month. Preorder opens at 11:00AM PST / 12:00PM MST / 1:00PM CST / 2:00PM EST. There is a flat rate of $4 for shipping within the US and international shipping will be calculated at checkout! Shipping can be combined/refunded if you end up going back for more than one order. Turnaround time for shipping will be within 2-4 weeks after the preorder ends on the 20th. **Please remember that it may take a little longer due to the state of the world right now.** You do not have to purchase every item, unless you want to, but some items do have caps so you’ll have to get those ninja fingers ready!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Are you planning on picking up any of these fun products or anything else from this months Polished Gamers Box? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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